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Baiona Angra Atlantic Race Cleopatra boaters dressed SeaB2 in Angra do Heroismo, Terceira Island of Azores
Mateus Rosé Sailing Cup Our renowned SeaB2 was present in Porto, at one of the biggest yearly events in Portugal and north Spain
SeaB2 - Jacket Ideal for nautical sports and leisure activities. the seab2 uses an inflation system, impermeability, ergonomic and lightness
Skiing Damel manufactures equipment for winter sports capable of providing thermal insulation, breathability and waterproof
Permac Offers active thermo-regulation, ergonomics and durability to the uniformo f all soldiers
SeaB2 – Overalls Thinking of fishermen we created overalls with integrated insufflation that ensure freedom of movement and lightness
Mountaineering We manufacture mountain protection clothes, even for the lowest temperatures
Coldfit Is a personal protective equipment for cold environments, providing termal insulation, Comfort and mobility
Golf clothing for golfers are salso produced by Damel
Colfit Moto For motorcycle lovers, Damel developed a protective gear with LED lights for added visibility
Motorcycling Damel produce motorcycle protective equipment
Army Some militar uniforms are also manufactured in Damel
seaB2 – Vest Thouht to recreational activity and gives security professionals, innovation and functionality
Work Uniforms for support teams and staff are manufactured by Damel